2019 Sinophone Studies in Europe and Americas (SEA) – International Young Scholars Conference 歐美漢學青年學者論壇

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2019 Sinophone Studies in Europe and Americas (SEA) – International Young Scholars Conference 歐美漢學青年學者論壇

♦ Agenda & Website 議程與活動網站: http://epaper.ccstw.nccu.edu.tw/sea2019/

♦ Date 日期 : 19th to 21st, November, 2019 
♦ Venue 地點: International Conference Hall (3F), National Central Library/國家圖書館3F國際會議廳 ( 台北市中正區中山南路20號 )
♦ Register now / 歡迎報名: https://forms.gle/95R9weF5bs9M9j7k6
♦ This conference will be conducted in Mandarin or English 本論壇將以中文或英文進行。

♦ About 2019 SEA International Young Scholars Conference

Contemporary research in the field of Sinophone studies faces a double challenge: on the one hand, scholars need to develop critical approaches to understand the increasingly global dimension of the Sinophone culture; on the other hand, international scholarship needs to become aware of the relevance of Sinophone perspectives on global problems.
Taiwan with its unique historical experience is in a privileged position to address this double challenge and to propose new paradigms for international Sinophone studies. By reasserting its unique tradition of research and rearticulating it in a transcultural perspective, and by comparing different countries and regions, our “Research Center for Chinese Cultural Subjectivity in Taiwan” aims at exploring in depth the multifaceted experiences of having a Chinese cultural background and living in Chinese-speaking societies today. Our goal is to develop new parameters to understand Chinese cultural subjectivity in an open and democratic society and to contribute to a better understanding of Sinophone culture around the world.

We believe that a global approach to Sinophone studies requires a spirit of international cooperation that should be fostered from the early stages of academic careers. Therefore, we invite doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in Sinology from Europe and the Americas to come to Taiwan and discuss different research approaches with their Taiwanese counterparts. We hope to provide an opportunity to discover new research horizons and to develop international approaches to transcultural and interdisciplinary research.

We gather contributions from international young scholars in different fields of sinophone studies relating to the following topics:

1.Perspectives on transcultural thinking
2. Psychology and society in the sinophone contexts
3. Religion and culture in the sinophone contexts.