“Research Center of Chinese Cultural Subjectivity” (CCS) of National Chengchi University (NCCU) is established in 2018 entitled as the Featured Areas Research Center Program within the framework of the Higher Education Sprout Project by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan, expecting to operate till 2021. CCS comprises four main research groups and twenty-six researchers from NCCU, and four post-doctoral fellows. The principle investigator is prof. ZHANG Kuan-da (chair professor of dept. of History), the director is prof. LIN Yuan-tze (prof. and chair of dept. of Philosophy), and with four deputy directors from each main research group: prof. Kai Marchal (dept. of philosophy), prof. TSAI Yuan-lin (graduate institute of religious studies), prof. CHEN Wan-chen (MA program of counseling and guidance), and prof. CHENG Wen-huei (dept. of Chinese literature).

CCS sets up Executive Committee composed of twenty-six researchers to help to facilitate cohesiveness by keeping everyone in the loop with alignment and decision-making, and Advisory Committee composed of extinguished scholars to offer guidance and advice for the developmental orientation and evaluation of CCS.

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