Facing the rise of China and Chinese in the global context, new perspectives of traditional sinologies and sinophone studies in Euro-Americas and Chinese Studies are needed. Due to special historical experience, Taiwan is well-situated at the position to preserve Chinese Culture on the one hand, and transforming the impacts and influences the western cultures brought to Chinese culture on the other hand. Under such circumstances, we are in charge of investigating new insights of sinophone studies and establishing new paradigms in these fields.

Chinese Culture Subjectivity Research Center (CCS) is funded by Higher Education Sprout Project of Ministry of Education in Taiwan. We apply the conception of “sinophone” in the trend of “global East”, expecting to broaden the research dimensions of traditional sinologies and Chinese studies way open to all the sinophone cultural communities in the global context. From Chinese cultural performances in this sense, we look forward to retrospecting certain categories concerning subjectivity, such as Chinese thinking, Chinese aesthetics, Chinese conception of historicity and transcending, and so forth, so as to explicating the question of “What is Chinese?” Furthermore, we expect to constitute the conception of “Chinese” which is not based on bloodline or national identities, apart from that, we endeavor to elaborate the conception of “human being” which is not Eurocentrism-based, either.

We are alerted to the phenomena of  Sinocentrism or Han chauvinism, and therefore we are open to multi-dimensional Chinese culture performances and communities, including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North America, East Asia, South-East Asia, ect.. We not only examine the development of Chinese culture in different regions, we also focus on the their interactions with other cultures in the process of globalization, hopefully so as to grasp the common core of Chinese culture, and make contribution to explore rich diversity of global civilization.

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