The center is currently set up by the Center Director (Zhang Guangda), CEO (Lin Yuanze), and four Deputy directors (Professor Cai Yuanlin, Professor Ma Cai, Zheng Wenhui professor, Chen Wanjian Professor) of individual research groups.

The four groups of researchers, including 26 political and tertiary professors, work together as members of the research team;

The Center has an executive committee and Advisory Committee: the Executive Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the center’s business, the Advisory Committee has a high degree of influence of prominent scholars to serve as a member of the Center’s development strategy and objectives, to provide relevant advice and Hing-GE advice.

The research team members of this research center include scholars with outstanding research performance in the relevant fields of the university, and focus on young scholars at home and abroad who have outstanding performance and potential to become outstanding scholars, through senior scholars and young outstanding scholars to work together to achieve the inheritance and sustainable development of outstanding talents.

Organization Chart of the Center

In order to fully expand the breadth and depth of the study, the four groups of the center, each according to the nature of the problem, then distinguish between two to four research groups, in order to analyze the core elements of contemporary Chinese cultural subjectivity from 12 different dimensions respectively.

Research focus of research groups and research group

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