The center is committed to cross-collar research in four research groups, with a specific plan for horizontal integration through short and medium-term implementation steps. In the short term, first of all, the group review the results of the research to date in each of the fields, and in the mid-term, the views of each group are integrated in order to achieve the final goal of achieving the center in the last two years, that is, to make a clear outline of the Chinese cultural subjectivity.The future direction of the research center is expected, and therefore not only engaged in the factual study of cultural phenomena, but can be analyzed from the cultural phenomenon of its universal significance, in order to be able to construct the cultural science belonging to the Chinese culture itself, and finally to promote the study of cultural philosophy, to reverse back to the Chinese culture to create the main source.In order to be able to through the consciousness of culture, and lead to create a new form of cultural development.

In order to promote cross-cutting cooperation among its members, the Centre has maintained its own academic activities in the first year, but in the second year it will endeavour to promote collaborative research between different groups, with more than two groups of researchers organizing academic meetings, thereby gradually promoting cross-cutting horizontal integration.In addition to the interdisciplinary integration of the various research groups within the centre, the centre will also proactively invite overseas Chinese culture-related research institutions and civil society organizations to participate in research and promote research results to generate social benefits.

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