A group of Chinese thinking patterns

This group is composed of Professor Cai of Psychology Department, professor of English Department Xu Jiahui, and professor of philosophy Lin Yuanze, who is responsible for organizing the comparative research team of Chinese language typology, and on the basis of the research on “mind, Brain and Learning Research Center”, tries to study philosophical philology philosophy, The research of linguistic gesture language and the study of language cognition of the mind and brain science are integrated to bring forward a new research model for the linguistics research of Chinese and Chinese characters, and the Ma Cai of Philosophy Department (Kai Marchal) and Professor Wang Hua, is responsible for organizing the cross-cultural comparative philosophy research team, using modern language and concept, The modern interpretation of Chinese philosophy, in order to make Chinese philosophy fit with the modern trend of thought, so as to promote the creation and development of local philosophy and culture; the team of “aesthetic sensibility of Chinese literature” was formed by Professor Liao, Lin Qishi and Zengshouzheng in the Chinese department, and the system and argumentation of “linguistic aesthetics” continued Wang Mengyu rigorous. To re-understand and construct the aesthetic experience of Chinese literature; from the history department Zhang Guangda professor and Professor Liu Tilun the historical Consciousness research team who organized the Chinese time-space view, through studying the history of frontier history, the history of western regions and the exchanges between China and foreign countries, to explore the Chinese space-time view in the historical consciousness of cultural development.

A group of Chinese religious Studies

This research group, facing the phenomenon of religious re-emergence of the civilization conflict and the basic doctrine, reflects on the religious significance of the Chinese religions, and through the specific fieldwork, shows the mode of the Chinese religious system, and provides the theoretical thinking space of the religious pluralistic dialogue.The research group is based on the integration of the “Chinese Religious Research Center”, which has been established by the Government.Guo Chentian, professor of Political department and Professor Chu Yuan of the Department of Social Studies, is responsible for the post-secular social study of religious re-entry, which is a comparative study of the world’s religious traditions, organized by religious Cai Yuanlin and Huang, and organized by religious Shes Vil professors and Chinese department Gao Lifen professors to organize field research on contemporary Chinese religions (including myths).

A group of Chinese ethical Practice studies

This research group combines the school’s “counseling and consulting Master’s degree”, and the Institute of Ethnology The research group of local psychology and culture healing is intended to revitalize the traditional cultural thought resources and provide the Taoist Spiritual Foundation to protect the natural ecology. Facing the spiritual emptiness caused by hospice care and the material desire of science and technology, providing the meaning of Buddhism; The support system is provided by the Confucian interpersonal network in view of the need for long-shot and community therapy.This research group is organized by Professor Zheng of Philosophy Department and professor of religious tel to organize Chinese applied Ethics research Team, which is composed of Professor Chen Wanjian of Education Department and Professor Wang Wen-San of Philosophy department, who organizes Chinese meaning therapeutics research team.

Chinese Digital Human Literature Research Group

This research group is based on the university’s leading national digital humanities research, as well as the Research Institute of Library information and archival science.In the past, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Digital Lab for the history and Thoughts) was established by the School of Humanities, which consists of history, literature, international relations, science and statistics, and is intended to build a Chinese-based digital platform, Through the use of digital tools to explore the Chinese concept of communication process, depicting the Chinese social network and cultural map, the new century to develop new methods of human literature research.The research group includes Professor Zheng Wenhui of the Chinese department, Professor Chen Zhiming, curator of the university Library, Cai Mingyue professor of graphic documents, professor of religious Lin Jingzhi and others.

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