The purpose of this research center is to:

First, to promote the international sinology institutions to work together to establish a model of new sinology research;

Secondly, we should change the connotation of traditional teaching and cultivate a new generation of internationalized human literature talents by studying globalization and localization issues.

Thirdly, to provide an open communication environment between academia and all sectors of society, and to reconstruct the action meaning system of Chinese society by promoting the public’s rethinking of their own culture.

Aiming at this goal, the center will strive to innovate the model of sinology research from two levels.In terms of research content, because the subjectivity of culture is particularly manifested in its linguistic thinking mode, religious and ethical practice, the research on the content of Chinese cultural subjectivity will be particularly focused on the three research fields of Chinese thinking mode, Chinese religious nature and Chinese ethic practice orientation, and in the research methodology, The center will promote the innovation of viewpoints and perspectives through the research methods in the field, and lead the research of human literature through the innovation of digital human literature to launch a new style.Through the research in the first three major areas, the center is committed to the transformation of cross-disciplinary research, curriculum design and teaching connotation through the various humanities and social disciplines such as literature (Chinese, Taiwan, foreign Languages, Chinese literature), historiography, philosophy, religious studies, linguistics, ethnology, political science, sociology, pedagogy and psychology. Period makes the traditional human literature research in the cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural vision, put the attention to social practice.Through the research of Digital Humanities, the center also tries to connect digital technology with the research of human literature in order to construct the methodology of Chinese digital human literature and cultivate the research talents of digital human literature.

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